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Motivational Speaker and Consultant

As a well-respected educator for over thirty years, Merlyna Valentine received numerous awards as a teacher, principal, and executive director in a highly successful school district. Her transformational leadership as a school principal resulted in her school being recognized as a “Top Gains” school. Against overwhelming odds, Merlyna Valentine overcame a medical tragedy and thrives in her new life. She has learned some valuable lessons since August 2007, when her life as she knew it was forever changed and she experienced the closest call to death imaginable. Instead of focusing on what happened and what’s missing from her new life as a quad amputee, she chooses to embrace this new path with a grateful heart and positive attitude. Her powerful story of perseverance, courage, and hope was featured on the Today Show and in Ebony magazine. Her message inspires her audiences to live life to the fullest and succeed beyond expectations.

Most Requested Keynotes

Passion, Perseverance, and Purpose are the keys to success in the workplace and in life. As Merlyna shares her story, your group will learn to thrive not just survive. Her presentation will focus on the power we all possess to live life to the fullest. She helps empower your group to greatness as they recognize the value of teamwork.

The 3 Ps of Success

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Life can be filled with setbacks and disappointments. The key to success is knowing how to bounce back and keep it limits! Merlyna’s story and message will teach your group how to accept adversity and use it to focus on life’s possibilities. Your group will be captivated by her positive attitude and enthusiastic outlook in times of tragedy.

Living Life Without “Limb”its!

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Staying positive in tough times means learning to embrace change. Merlyna’s presentation will teach your group that life is more than just what happens to you. How you respond is whatmatters most. Merlyna teaches you how to live a purposeful life, believe in yourself, embrace change, and succeed in life.

Change Chose Me...

Now What?

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Ordinary people do extraordinary things every day. Merlyna’s riveting story of survival,courage, and hope will inspire your group to overcome adversity and achieve what others deem impossible. Your group will learn to replace “I can’t” with “Yes, I can”!

I'm Possible

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