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Tragedy doesn’t define me or determine my quality of life in the future


Merlyna Valentine walks you through her incredible journey from the brink of death to experiencing a fulfilling life. She was completely unaware that a sharp pain in her side would lead to a life-altering medical tragedy, giving her only a 10% chance of survival. Mrs. Valentines says, “Tragedy doesn’t define me or determine my quality of life in the future.”


As a survivor of the many storms of change in her life, Merlyna’s positivity in the face of tremendous adversity serves as a lesson for all. She inspires others to never give up and view life’s many unscripted moments through a different lens. Merlyna authentically shares her personal story of perseverance, resiliency, and the courage it took to thrive in her new life.


Through her model of determination, you too will learn to face adversity and obstacles with a newfound brave and positive attitude. Discover how to move from the impossible to the possible as you navigate through life’s challenging and difficult times using many of the principles and tools shared in each chapter. With each personal story of victory that Merlyna so eloquently shares, her words of wisdom can be applied successfully in your daily life.


Daisy is the most beautiful flower in the garden. The other flowers look up to her because she is colorful, brave, and strong. When something awful happens to Daisy, she realizes her life will never be the same. Daisy has some tough decisions to make as she tries to be a role model to her flower friends. Daisy amazingly figures out exactly what she needs to do to persevere! In this inspiring story, author Merlyna Valentine takes children on an enlightening journey with Daisy.


Daisy’s story will positively impact children as they face life’s challenges. Daisy The Extra Special Flower shows kids how to overcome adversity, choose the right attitude, and celebrate the differences in people. Through Daisy’s story, children will be inspired to live life to the fullest with no excuses.

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